As much as I hate doing it (considering where the story is) will be going on a brief respite.

Unlike my usual breaks with involves being away for work. This time I’m NOT going away… at least, NOT right away.
As the filler indicates, I’m in the process of moving. I’m not moving far; BUT, between, work, comics and prepping the house, plus taking care of everything for the move…I’m running out of hours in a day to do everything.
Something HAS to give and since comics are the lowest priority of the three (and takes up the most of my spare time), I’ve decided to halt updating till the move is fully on the way.

I’ll keep updating JeanieBottle (at least till the current story is completed), and the Patreon page will get its updates.

I’m hoping the updates will just be on hold for April. But till I have the free time to resume updates, I’m not going to make any promises on timelines.

Sorry for leaving you all hanging, and I will be letting you all know when I resume on JB and DA. I will be resuming the comic and completing story 10. I’m just not sure when.

Thanks all.

-CD Rudd