Well folks, that’s all she wrote. This is the happy ending of SailorSun.org. We can all get off this roller coaster. 🙂

But not quite yet! There are a number of Epilogue pages coming up (starting Friday), to tie off the last of those plot threads that many of you are surely wondering about. We’ll get a look at what Dawnie’s been up to on Siren Island, a peek at what became of Pearl and her doctor friend, a look in on Bay, Berry, and Trav’s experience with pregnancy, and (probably) more!

So stick around! SailorSun.org’s main story is over, but the comic is not quite done!

As an a final note for today, CD had intended to draw a big scene showing everyone at the wedding, but he simply ran out of time. So as a poor man’s substitute, please accept these background images of the crowd, which had been mostly hidden on these recent pages. Click each one to see the full size version. The art isn’t complete or highly detailed, but it paints a decent picture of the wedding party. And hey, plenty of lovely ladies in formal wear, so what’s there to complain about?? 🙂 Lita, especially, is lookin’ fiiiiine.