Yep, you read right,’s company vacation/Xmas party is in Hawaii. The Kaua’i island to be precise.

Now since Bay, Honey, Crystal, the Auction guy, David, and Neko are all fictional, it is safe to assume, this is REALLY a party of one… But hey, I can diluted myself all I want. I’m on vacation!

Why did I post a filler and not a comic? Well, I decided I wanted to draw a group picture of the characters in Hawaii. Plus between the travel time, and time lag and spending all day in airports and planes, I’m just going to hit the hay instead of staying up to make a comic.

I am planning on making comics while in Hawaii, but there may be a slight hitch in the software that I’m using. Despite owning a legal copy of the graphic software (CorelDraw & Corel Paint), ever since I’ve reinstalled the Operating System on my laptop, it’s been giving me a trail count down which is about to run out.

Rest assured, I will be on the phone tomorrow trying to get this fixed, but if I can’t… then this week will probably be fillers using a different graphic program.

P.S. The fictional Cats (Cleo, Ams and Teri) are also here (just as much as Bay and Co.)… they just don’t like the sand, so they weren’t in the picture.

P.S.S I Higher Rez version of this picture will be available on my Deviantart account.