Well, if you’re a dedicated reader, you know who this is.  For those who aren’t… (shame on you)!

The ‘second bay’ is actually Heather.  Bay’s long lost twin sister. Heather hasn’t made an actual appearance in a storyline yet. She’s only been seen in flash backs, brief references too and/or briefly seen.

The little girl is Brady, AKA another (younger) time traveling alternate version of Honey.

Heather and her adoptive parents took guardianship of Brady when Bay found she couldn’t afford to look after her.

Here are some reference comics for Heather.

601: Baby Heather

602 : Heather’s Baby-napping

560: Alternate timeline Heather (She doesn’t know who Bay is in this timeline)

230 : Bay calling Heather about Brady

189 : Heather watching over Brady

(And Yes, Heather’s hair style changed. You can’t expect her to keep the same style as Bay her whole life.)

-CD Rudd