What did you think was going to happen? (Crystal (in David’s body) getting into a fight.)

It wasn’t established very well, but David and Crystal learnt that without ear plugs, Crystal (in David’s body) suffers the same effects every other male does when he hears Crystal’s  hypnotic voice.

They become ga-ga for her,  and call her there Goddess.  The Solution? Ear plugs which blocks or at least muffles Crystal’s voice. This will lead you to the next question.( I can hear you all gearing up to ask), “How can Crystal(in David) hear David(in Crystal’s body)?”

Well, that’s easy, Crystal’s a mute (she doesn’t talk). Even though her body is capable of talking, she doesn’t. So she’s learnt a number of means of communication, including sign language, AND the ability to read people’s lips. As long as David (in Crystal) is facing her,  she can read his lips.

So why does Ams (in Cleo’s body) announce they’re in the appartment BEFORE turning the corner. Well, Cleo (in Ams’ body) was with Crystal(in David’s body) and as far as Ams(Cleo) is aware, still with Crystal(David).

I hope that clears things up… despite all the Who (in Whomever’s body).