Well, some of you might have noticed the lack of updates this week AND last week.

Well, basically I’ve been busy at work. and I’ll probably will keep being busy till the end of the month. I will try to post when I can, and fillers occasionally when I can’t.

I figured if I’ll be making fillers, I better make a theme. So…

“Who wants to Body swap with a catgirl?

There will be a couple fillers this month, and some lucky reader will be body swapped with Neko for those fillers ( orΒ  with Kinko or Katy).

How do you get to be the lucky person? Part luck and part justification.

Enter a comment in the comment area of this filler, stating whom you want to body swap with and what you would do while in said body.

Next week, I’ll draw a random comment, (and providing I am willing), will draw a filler based on that person’s body swap premise (warning, premise may not be the same as what you wrote)

So that’s it. Good luck and have fun. and watch your Email this Sunday. I might have follow up questions.

(BTW, No body swapping with story characters (ie Bay, Honey, Jean, etc…) That maybe the next filler contest.)