There’s a bunch of national and international holidays in July:

  • India has Doctors’ Day, July 1st (Finally a day to honor the Doctor ‘Who’)
  • Canada has Canada Day, July 1st (That’s a creative holiday name, huh?)
  • a number of countries celebrate their own Independence Day (That’s the day celebrating when Will Smith stopped the alien attack, right?)
  • San Diego has Comic-con.. (Uh… Comic-con is a holiday, right?)
  • and well, there’s many others.

So for all those events and more, I’ve decided to make a filler with Bay and Honey (and their boy-toys) celebrating on the beach, wearing their own national patterns (I think we might have too many Americans in the comics now…). In any case, Happy July from!

There will also be a wallpaper image loaded on my DA account, for those who want this in a wallpaper format for their computer.