Ok, ok, I probably need more practice at drawing zombies with flesh missing and what not. This was my first zombie, and even this took a couple different trys.

One of the things I’ve been wondering as of late, when did zombies and vampires and such become cutiez creatures.. They are suppose to be scary creatures, stars in HORROR movies. But out  society seems to have glamorized this monsters. Movies star handsome vampires that girls to go Ga ga for… and Zombies are becoming features in games like Zombie Farm or Zombie Cafe helping people.

ZOMBIES are merciless FLESH and BRAIN eaters!

VAMPIRES are evil beings wanting to suck your blood and inslave you!


Mark my words, the GREAT ZOMBIE-VAMPIRE REVOLT OF 2016 will happen, and all you saps will let them in your homes and serve them tea before the Suck your BLOOD and eat your BRAINS!