I’ll like to thank all the loyal readers of SailorSun.org. It’s been a pleasure to make and continued Bay and Honey’s story from there Sailor Moon Fan Fic days over 20 years ago (www.sailorsun.com).

For those who want to see more of Honey and Bay’s exploits, you can see new artwork, concepts and stories of them on my DeviantArt Page (www.Deviantart.com/CDRudd/), Patreon (www.Patreon.com/CDRudd/), as well as streams, and possibly appearances in my other comic projects, including I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle.

The webcomic may be done, but Bay, Honey and gang are far from gone.

First comic in the Neko Series, “Rudd Productions”

…Neko, Robert, Katy and the filler gang will be featured on my Patreon site under the new brand, “Rudd Productions”.

So visit and see what Neko and crew are up too. There may be some SailorSun.org visits on occasion.