Mango-flavored boobs sound pretty awesome, if you ask me.

(Some Reference links,

Mango Boobs flavoring, comic 725,
The mango ice cream was only a few comics back, so I doubt people forgot. If you look at the colour of the ice cream. It is suppose to be mango.

Old B Movies, Comic 417
Bay Loves old movies and TV Shows. It doesn’t come up too often, but the Auction Guy took Bay out on a date to a gallery showin which features old movie posters and artifacts.

Chocolate vs Butterscotch Ice Cream,Comic 50 and Comic 65
if you REMEMBER WAY back in Chapter 3 (during the whole Helix storyline), Bay got a letter informing her that her favorite ice cream is now chocolate. Not butterscotch which was her favorite. This resulted in her going to HRC and trying to sort things out. And of course craziness ensues.

Afraid of Horses, comic 425
This is another aspect of Bay which didn’t come up much. Bay is actually afraid of horses. Mainly riding them. The idea was she had a bad horse riding experience in her past, and she never rode again.

-CD Rudd )