Sorry for the delay in getting this comic out. I had a busy weekend and am projecting a busy week. So Wednesday comic will probably be delayed as well.

This comic refers back to a comic that made a lot of people upset. Back in comic 546(in the last panel) I had originally had a US custom agent stamping his face with a ‘duh’ expression. The goal was to set up for this comic, which shows the US custom’s agent being dragged away (Yes I have been planning this for quite some time).

Some readers were thinking I was taking a shot at the US Customs, US Immigration, and Homeland security, etc…etc… Instead of a huge having a huge debate/arguement which may end in losing readers, I changed the comic, took away the stamp and left him with a blank expression instead of a ‘Duh’ one.

So this time, before anyone gets up in arms and says I’m trying to undermine the US customs, Homeland security or make a political statement of some sort. I’M NOT!. I’m just explaining how Bay’s illegal status was discovered. And please, no one start correcting me on US immigration procedures. I’m sure there are lots of loop holes and condition, situations and rules that aren’t being utilized in this comic and story… I’m not an immigration expert or official. I’m just trying to get a story out.

As for Brady’s guardianship, you may remember back in comic 232, Bay referring to Aunt Heather’s parents. Who’s last name is Rego.

(Rego was the original last name I was going to give Bay and Honey, but decided Smith would be better, since it’s more generic)