Well, we’re finally getting back into some of the cameo stuff. I’m sure everyone by now has figured out what the note(under the desk) forgotten by Berry (aka Blonde Bay) was.

My original goal when I started this comic was to include characters from all the comics in 910cmx. Sadly, I had trouble not only trying to figure out how to fit everyone in, BUT also spending time drawing that many characters for one panel was going to take a very long time. Not to worry, other cameos are a planned.

910Cmx Comics included are:

Anyone wanting a higher resolution wallpaper of the last panel, can download it here

For those who don’t know whom everyone is. OK… From Left to Right

Rear Row : Therese (Angels and Aliens), Sam (Accidental Centaurs), Alex (Cheer!), Tiffany (Heroes of CRASH), Auction Guy (SailorSun.org), Alex (Accidental Centaurs), Maxima (Grrl Power).

Row behind Couch : Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Jo (Cheer!), Crystal (SailorSun.org), Sam (Cheer!), Jeanie (I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle).

In front of the couch : Sydney (Grrl Power), Lita (Cheer!), Jason (The Wotch).

On the couch : Anne (The Wotch), Belt Boy (Heroes of Crash), Robin (The Wotch).