Sorry for the delay on this comic. I had a computer issue halfway threw making it and had to wait for the stores to open for a replacement part.

Now as for the seeming inept custom agent. I am NOT trying to make a shot at US foreign policy or Homeland Security.  Nor am I trying to make fun of the brave men and women who patrol the borders or work at the international ports. I state this disclaimer, mainly because they all have guns and I don’t want to be shot next time I cross the border into the United States.

The reason there is an inept security personal at the airport will come back to haunt us in future storylines. Why is he inept? Well, I’m claiming ‘burn-out’. He’s been worked so hard keeping the American homeland safe, that he’s lost all his marbles and his supervisors have not yet noticed. Why? Maybe because they are burning out too. Why are they burning out? BECAUSE they work too dam hard.

Ya… so… uh…

You all have no idea how much I’m resisting the urge to rant about US customs, free-trade and border crossings. So I’m going to stop here and let you all just enjoy the comic.