Long ago, I became part of the 910cmx community. At the time, it worked well, as the forum gave the readers the medium to comment on comics and other points about the comics.

Back in it’s hay-day, many popular comics on 910cmx updated frequently. It’s flagship comic, ‘The Wotch‘ updated often and had a huge readership. Many 910CMX comics have been used as cameos in SailorSun.org, including regular appearances by the Cheer! girls (which was a spin off of ‘The Wotch’, and no longer exists).

In recent years, the main comics supporting 910CMX update rarely (if at all). With SailorSun.org’s the move to a different webcomic back-bone system (which happened YEARS AGO), readers can comment right on the site. 910CMX seemed less important. I kept the link to 910CMX mostly as an archive and for readers to have a forum to post and comment on themselves.

Since the loss and re-boot of the 910CMX forums… I find myself wondering if 910CMX is still relevant? As a published/writer/artist/author’s side, I don’t really see much coming from 910Cmx. Since SailorSun.org and JeanieBottle.com is run on it’s own server there’s less of a need from 910cmx then some other comics…

So I want to know what you, the readers think.

Do SailorSun.org or JeanieBottle fans want or need 910cmx?
Readers can now comment directly on the site… and since the re-boot of the forums… no posts, or comments in either the SailorSun.org and Jeanie Bottle areas…

The BIG question…Should SailorSun.org and Jeaniebottle still remain part of the 910CMX community? Join a different community like Hiveworks? OR just go on our own?

I want your input as readers. Cause, your the ones who matter. 🙂

910cmx Community?

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