One of the great mysteries of is, “What is Auction Guy’s name?”

Well… I’m not going to tell you… At least not in this post.

BUT I’ll let you all try to figure it out.

Now I’m not going to be mean (well, at least not too mean). I will let you all know this, his name is cannon, because it HAS been mentioned in the comic before now (And I’m not including AG/ Auction Guy, Marks or Red, cause those are all nicknames he’s had by the fans or in the comics).

Comment your guesses on this post.

I’ll E-mail the one who guesses right, and two others (to ensure the name stays a mystery till  the last moment). The winner will be able to have his/herself (or OC) drawn at Bay and AG’s wedding.

So Start guessing and good luck good luck.

P.S. I don’t mind multiple guesses, but No spamming a whole list of names.