So, as you might or may not be aware, this is the last chapter of (I know, it’s been going on forever hasn’t it?). What you may not know, is we’re starting to get to the conclusion, as Bay’s wedding day draws closer, and closer, and closer yet. Will she get married, will we know the Auction Guy’s name? Will… sorry, got off track a little…

Recently I asked Robert if he though there would be an interest in a printed version of, which would included the comics with some extra content (Sketches… comments by the author, Neko and the Intern, etc.). He wasn’t sure. So I thought I’d put it up to a vote.

What do you think? Yes, No… etc… Plus put any suggestions or comments on this post.

Would you be interested in in print?

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We’ll judge if we’re going to make the print, and what type we’ll make, based on interest and your comments. To give us your input.