Most of you aren’t aware, but I’m in the mists of prepping to move for this summer. Part of the prepping process is what I call PURGING (Since I’m a little bit of a pack-rat). This means I’m trying to get rid of things I don’t use and it’s just taking up space. During the purge, I’ve come across a number of old comic art I made back when I still drew the comic (on paper). As well as there is a whole box of art just sitting in my office.

Now, this doesn’t mean the drawings are complete comics. Back in the good old days, I use to draw & ink the characters and add in the framework, background, bubbles and dialogue digitally.

Here’s a video I made a while back when I was still hand drawing.

Instead of just throwing out art, I’ll offer if up to whoever is interested in an original CD Rudd piece.

So here’s the deal.

I’ll sell each piece for $1 USD (+ shipping),  for a specific comic original.
This means you can request a specific comic (Comics 1-500ish,  DA sketches, and JeanieBottle comics 1-150ish). I’ll go through the boxes, and if I still have it (and it’s in decent shape). I’ll sign it and mail it out to you.
Now not to worry, if I don’t have the piece, you won’t be charged anything. Payment must be made prior to shipping.

I’ll also do a grab bag of 5 random pieces for $1 USD (+shipping).
This means, I’ll send 5 random signed pieces for $1.

I’ll also offer up print(s) of the completed (digital version) comic and laminating for an additional fee (which will be determined based on costs and demand).

How do you request art?

Leave a comment on this post of which comic(s) you’re interested in, (or if you want a grab bag of art). I’ll also need to know which City/State/Country I’ll be shipping the art too.
I’ll go through my archive in April and see what I have and if it’s requested.

I’ll then email you on what I have and how much the total package (with shipping) will be.