I know I’m a little early for both, but if I waited, I’d probably forget.

Plus I also wanted to ping everyone. We have less then 24 hours (30 June 2016) to reach the donation goal of $100 this month. It’s been a while since we’ve reached $100. So I’ll remind you all what that means. When the monthly donations reach $100, I create a BONUS donation image for all those who donated $5 or more. $9 more dollars to go.

Good news! K. ME broke the $100 mark on June’s donation image. So everyone who donated $5 or more in June will receive an EXTRA donation image.  I’ll get working on it this weekend, so any suggestions between now and when I start will be taken.

Now, July’s donation image is already made, and it will go live July 1st, has gone live.

A reminder of the goals, when we reach $65, the Neko meter changes to a unique meter image. When we max out the meter at $100, I create a extra donation image that will be emailed to everyone who donated, as well as uploaded onto the donation system for those who donated and have created an account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one here. Just remember to put your paypal email address as your donation system Email address, so the system can link your donations to your account. (We don’t send Emails to anyone, nor share information to anyone)

Though I don’t like to give spoilers on donation images… I will give you this one…

‘Bay in a Bikini!’

There, it’s out… (I feel dirty now).