Some of you MIGHT have noticed (or participated) in a HUGE comment debate about a few comics ago.

I’m all for commenting (hence why it’s a feature on the site), but I don’t really want to be reading a novel when I read the comments. There has been a few LONG-wordy comments and this wasn’t the first time it’s happened. I know I don’t comment often, Robert’s more the social butterfly of the comics. BUT I do read all the comments (usually during coffee and lunch breaks).

So, to solve this, I’ve coded in a 3500 character cap on comments. Which means, you cannot comment more than 3500 characters per comment. I’m NOT trying to prevent you from having debates/discussions on the comics. I’m just trying to keep it a quicker read.

If you do want to have a wordy debate, that’s ok. We have the 910CMX forums which also gives a format more conducive with reading large posts. You can point out the Forum URL in a comment to let people know it’s there, and they can weigh in.

There’s also a 10 character Min, so people have to put more than one word comments… (hasn’t really been an issue… but why not?)

P.S., This post is only 1,200 characters… so 3500 should be more than enough for comments.