$5 left to go till we reach $100. (We got there!)

Assuming someone will donate $5 dollars, I need to start thinking about a second Donation image for this month.

If we reach $100. Anyone who donated this month will get 2 donation images.

Anyone have any suggestions for this month’s Bonus Donation Image?

New BONUS Donation image is now posted on the Donation system for all those who donated this month. For all those who don’t have a account on the Donation system, Not to worry. Emails with the donation images will be sent out before the end of the month.

Those who have donated, but still don’t have an accounf, you can also still make an account and your account will be updated within the week. Just make sure your Email address matches the address you use on Palpay, so the system can recognize your donation.

Thanks all for your donations.

(Also FYI, if we reach $200, I usually make 2nd Bonus images for this month (that’s 3 images total). It’s rarely happened. Will this be one of the few times it does?)

EDIT: SECOND bonus image is up, featuring everyone’s favorite intern!