Some people have reported issues with the new donation system, where they are  not receiving the donations gifts, nor the e-mails sent out at the end of the month.

So in an effort to correct this, I’ve started working on a donation login system, for people to login and get the donations online, instead of through Email.

This is a new system, and I’m still working on it.

How this system works?

step 1 : Create an account. (You will have to put in your e-mail address. I recommend using the same Email address you use with Paypal, so I can program the system to automatically sync when a donation is made.)

step 2 : Let me know you’ve made an account (on this post) so I can manually have the donations for the past couple months added to your profile. ( This is only while I’m building the system. new donations will be automatically added in the future. Again, when you put an e-mail address on the post, make sure it’s the same as your paypal one, so I can match it up with the donation)

step 3 : Log on and see the donation you have access too.

step 4 : Select the image you want see. The image will appear in a new window/tab

What’s yet to be done on this system?

  • I still have to program the automatic syncing, so till that is done I will have to MANUALLY update your account to reflect your donations,
  • There is no password recovery yet. So don’t forget your login or password,
  • Backdate the older donations. (I’m still trying to hunt down the older donation images (seems a few of them have gone missing over the years). As well as my donation records only do back so far. So those who have donated regularly will be the only ones to have access to all the older donations that predate my records.)
  • Make the page nicer. Right now it’s still pretty rough.

You can register and login here,

Donation Login