Well, after a year of a broken automated donation system, I decided to recode it and get it working again.

So I’m glad to announce that the SailorSun.org Automated Donation System is working once again.  I’ve recoded the donation system so as of now, a link to the donation image will now be emailed out to whomever donates a sum greater then $5.00 USD. The donation image will be available to be downloaded till the end of the month. (I plan on making a log in system for those who donate to access old donation image down the road).

As before, when the donations reach a total of $65 (as indicated by the bar on the meter), the meter will change into a new meter.

This Month’s donation image is one of the best I’ve made yet. Featuring both Honey and Crystal.

Robert the intern, rates this month’s image as a 4.5 out of 5. (I think it lost a 0.5 due to Bay not being in it).