Well, now I’m caught up. At least donation image wise.

For those who don’t know, early September, MY computer’s hard drive crashed. This lead to me buying a new hard drive and re-installing all the software I usually use on my laptop.

Sounds simple, but ended up being a long and difficult process. An even more challenging process was recovering the data off my old drive. After a number of attempts I was able to retrieve the donation image for August, which I sent out.

Unfortunately the file was still damaged and a earlier draft, which meant all the donators got was a huge line art image file. (Sorry)

I didn’t realize the error till later, and after MORE work and recovery, plus trying to keep up with other obligations. I was able to pull the completed donation image off my old hard drive.

Today I re-sent all the donation image to those who donated in August, September, and also this month’s image to those who already donated this month.

If you donated in the last three months and have not received your donation, let me know.