In an effort to curtail spam, trolls and other undesirable posts in the comments, I’ve added and increased spam and troll filtering to the website.

Hopefully this won’t effect the averaged commenter, but will mean that some comments will automatically be held before being displayed to ensure it’s not spam, trolling, or generally inappropriate.

And before any spammer, troll, or Gramar-nazi screams ‘FOUL’. I’ve always want to encourage free discussion where no one has to be concerned with feeling hurt or harassed nor have to defend the rights of others.

I’ve never objected to Grammar-Nazi’s pointing out mistake as long as it’s done in a tasteful and respectful matter. Slander and insults of any kind will no longer be tolerated.  I reserve the right to remove any comments I feel is attacking this fundamental right for an harassment free environment.

If this does not work and slander continues, I will be stepping up the site security and requiring logins for comment posts, or I will remove the comments all together and leave comments to be put on the forums.