Ok, so I have a question,

Why do people feel the need to insult and make snide remarks when pointing out grammar mistakes?

I mean, is it really that hard to point out, “You have a spelling mistake in Pannel 4, It should be YOU’RE instead of YOUR”.

If you want to prove how smart you are. Explain why it’s incorrect, ” “Your” is a possessive. It should be “You’re” in Panel 4. ”

Those comments I don’t mind getting and if I can, I go back and fix the mistake. Does making snide remarks and being generally insulting make you feel big or something?

Why do it? Don’t you realize all your going to do is potentially put the artist into a depressive state and not want to make comics?

I mean, when I first started getting into webcomics, I always wondered how author’s with popular webcomics could just stop and take who-knows how much time off. Or why so many of them seemed to suffer from depression.

Then it happened to me. The last time I got a rude, “Your spelling and grammar sucks” comment, pointing out my grammar mistakes in a rather rude way I was so depressed after, I couldn’t bring myself to make a comics for a week. Luckily I had a week’s buffer, so no one really noticed and only my buffer suffered.

I spent my past weekend, practically making comics non-stop… Why? well, as I’ve pointed out in other posts, I’m going to be going to a family event and will be away for a week, so not only to I have to get the comics for that week made, I have to get the comics between my prep time to that weeks I’ll be gone made too. Which means, I had to make 5-6 SailorSun.org comics and 2 I Dream if Jeanie Bottle comics.

And on the first comic I made for the buffer, I get smart ass grammar correction remark. Now I kind of feel I need to recheck the others. IF I do that, I may not be able to finish the last couple comics, I need for the buffer.

And to answer your, “WHY DON’T YOU READ THEM OVER.”

I do. I try to curb my spelling issues and have gotten in the habit of double and sometimes triple reading the grammar on the comics as I’m making them. This has helped me correct a number of mistakes. But still some mistakes get threw.

Am I dumb, or stupid, or dyslexic?

Who knows, but what do those writing snide remarks hope to accomplish putting down those making the comic? All you’re going to do if put us in a depression and slow or cease us from making more comics.

I mean, do you have ANY idea how much time, money and effort I put into making these comics?

Each comic is at least 2 to 4 hours work.
That doesn’t include the time I’ve spent on making the website, planning or extra little tid-bits. (Like has anyone noticed the changed banner on the top of the page?)

To think all the things I could be spending my time doing instead of making webcomics…

If someone doesn’t have a smart-ass answer, please tell me why you feel the need to mock the post webcomic author.