Normally I don’t post reviews or opinions about things I come across online,
But this time I came across something with a bunch of mixed feelings,

My first thoughts was, “THIS GAME IS AWESOME!”, You have a cheerleader, zombies, and chainsaws.
With kind of like a kick-ass-zombie-killing Kim Possible type character.

Then I realized something was setting me off about the video. I watched it a couple more times and found that Juliet(the Cheerleader), seems a little low brow in her vocab, which made me feel like it turns her from a Kick as Kim Possible type of character, to an annoying Buffy (the movie one) Vampire Slayer type cheerleader.

This game comes out 2012, but this one aspect has brought it from a MUST-BUY, to maybe-I’ll-buy game. It just shows how much one things can change your opinion.