Once again, I want to get the input of the fans for a storyline.

By now, everyone who reads SailorSun.org, has a pretty good idea about Bay’s past.

  • Bay (Formally Brad) moved from Canada to pursue a job working at a fan fiction studio,
  • While working at the studio, Brad was turned into Bay using an illegally modified TG gun to replace the actress originally hired,
  • Bay had a co-worker who during there friendship had a falling out,
  • Bay has been drunk in a bar, and met someone,
  • Bay has had 2 alternate future daughters arrive,
  • the Fan fiction studio closed up forcing Bay and Honey to seek employment elsewhere,
  • and various other things that has happened since the start of the comic.

So what I am looking for, if you could change one thing in Bay’s past. What would it be?
If you could alter one thing about Bay’s past and see the present results of that alteration what would it be?

I’ll be using the most intriguing ideas in an up coming storyline. The Key thing is to be original.