Well,  it has come to my attention recently that SailorSun.org may not be a good title anymore for the webcomic?

Why? Well, a couple different reasons.

  • First of all, a lot of people get the name wrong, the name of the comic is ‘SailorSun DOT Org‘. But a lot of people use ‘Sailor Sun‘ on there link pages. Which would cause most people to think it’s a Sailor Moon Fan Site;
  • Second, the name of the webcomic was derived from the Sailor Moon Fan fictions wrote over 10 years ago.  The real only reason the SailorSun.org domain is used is because I already owned it from when I purchased the SailorSun.com site;
  • And, third (which I only discovered this past weekend). Here’s what happened, I was advertising on a podcast banner’s site. One of the things this podcast does when broadcasting is announce whom is advertising on there site. This is a little extra for the advertisers by the advertise-es.  I happen to be listening to the podcast when they plugged the site. And instantly there was a negative reaction on the chats. The chat wasn’t remarking about SailorSun.org, but another webcomic site they didn’t seem to like which had a similar name. And for the next 20 minutes, the chatters kept negatively remarking on SailorSun.org, not realizing they were actually talking about another webcomic.

I’m not planning on giving up the SailorSun.org domain name. But many it’s time to consider a new name for the comic. Something that won’t cause so much confusion. I may even go so far as to purchase another domain name for the new-comic name.