Hello all,

Some of you might have noticed some things missing on the website that was on the original site. Like the donation button, Status updates, etc… etc…

Don’t fret, I haven’t forgotten them. I’m just working on other aspects of the site right now. Right now I’m preforming ‘LOAD testing’. What’s this mean? Well, a couple days ago, the website was offline. Why? Because the CPU demands on the server surpassed the amount I’m allowed to use. The server which hosts SailorSun.org, I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle, and other Non-comic related sites is supplied threw a provider. When the CPU load regularly went too high, my accounts/websites (ALL of them) is suspended till I talk to the provider about it. I had this problem with the old comic system (which was much simpler then the current one). I modified the code to reduce the CPU usage, and we didn’t have any problems till the recent server upgrade. Now the comic system is more complex, and more demanding on the CPU higher. The only way I can ‘test’ the system and make corrections is to let the page run for a time and monitor the CPU usage. This is what I’m currently doing.

Some features have been disabled, others added (To see if it strained the system). When I’m confident the CPU usage won’t top out, then I’ll start working on other aspects.

Currently planned to be added is,

  • A new automated Donation system,
  • a new menu bar which will include links to the wiki (wiki.sailiorsun.org) and cast pages,
  • Status updates for SailorSun.org and I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle,
  • updated Link pages,
  • rotating images in the title banner,
  • and other things.

Down the road, I’m hoping to install a members only area. But that’s a bit down the road. Till then don’t be surprised if features are added and taken away, depending on resources available vs server limitations.